Thursday, 26 June 2014

Life Lately

I've got a few magazine subscriptions at the moment, but I can explain! I subscirbed to Molly Makes with a three issues for £3 deal at the Fashion and Stitching Show, not intended to be a long term subscription. I've been subscribing to Sew Home and Style for a while now, but when Love Sewing was released I wanted to try it out too.  I now have a horrible decision of which to keep the subscription to and which to let go off. I'll have to keep you in the loop in that one.

I've been awful and just watched all 9 seasons of Supernatural in under three months :S I went in sceptical, and came out a little bit of a fan girl.  I was drawn in because of the infinite number of pins on Pinterest referencing the show (and because the leading men are pretty cute).  The show is right up my street, with supernatural happenings and adventures.  I was a little disappointed at the lack of female roles to begin with, but that did change as it went on, and we are introduced to some awesome women (I've a total girl crush on Charlie!).  Totally recommend this show to fans of Buffy, Charmed etc. 

Now I've a full time job (yay!) I'm having to fit my sewing around that (boo!)- but I'm still getting through my never ending pile of exciting projects- Currently working on some summer skirts.

It's a bit of a funny time to knit, seeing as the weather is so lovely an all.  But I'm such a slow knitter that I'm working on things now so by the time I want woollys, they are all finished and ready to wear. 

I've got a Harry potter scarf on one set of needles-

A baby blanket on another set-

and the Start of a cardi on a third set-

all ready to be picked up when the mood strikes.

For a copy of Tilly's book - Love at First Stitch.  I debated whether or not I wanted a copy, and have decided, yes! It's on my shopping list for next month :D

Love at First Stitch

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