Thursday, 19 June 2014

Some Sewing Plans

Some major fabric shopping has been going on in these parts over the last month- I'm not lying to you, all the fabric I'm about to show you has been purchased in the last month! But as usual, each piece was bought with a project in mind, so I continue to refuse to feel the least bit guilty about building my fabric stash. In fact, truth be told, I love having a large stash of fabric, it means that I have a wide range of projects to work on at the drop of a hat.

So lets have a lookie, eh?

These two pieces were ordered from I've been looking for corduroy fabric in the right colour for a little while now, so when I found this on sale for £2.99/m I jumped at it and ordered two right away.  I'm going to make another vintage Style 2542, which I made recently in denim.  I love this skirt, I'm really quite exited to have another one.  I will need to add an inch to the waist though, not quite enough ease in my last one.

The blue check fabric that I got from is destined to be a Negroni shirt, by Collete Patterns, for David.  I made him one for Christmas just gone, which went down a storm.  That was my fist attempt at any kind of men's sewing, and a shirt was a challenge.  I've since made myself a shirt (spoilers!) and am expecting this second Negroni to come together much more easily than the last.  The fabric is a little more shiny and polyester-y than I expected, but again, it was very cheap, about £3.99/m, so I'm not too bothered about that. 

Then I went fabric shopping at work, in the furnishing fabrics section! I found this yellow and the blue below and knew they'd make beautiful summer skirts, with a bit of weight in them.  The yellow has a brushed cotton side, which feels so lovely, even after being washed, so I hope it lasts through wear.  I'm using one of the skirt patterns from Alison Smith's Dressmaking book (which I highly recoment, btw).  The blue is a twill type fabric and will be turned in to another vintage Simplicity 9561.

I shopped at the market stalls in Leicester, and found-

This beautiful shirting, which is destined to become a Archer Shirt for myself.  This is part of my plan to make more everyday clothes, one of my favourite looks is shirt/tshirt/jeans combo.

This fabulous midweight cotton which will probably become a shirt for David, unless I change my mind and do some selfish sewing with it instead.  I'm thinking I want to try a different shirt pattern for this one, but haven't picked one out yet.

And this lovely beige and blue floral jersey, which will either become a Plaintain dress or I might spurge and buy the Lady Skater Pattern, which I have totally been looking at for well over 6 months at this point.

I also bought some black and grey jersey to make dresses for work, which I'll be sharing next Monday.

Finally, I went shopping at and bought this fab floral lawn, to make the Sewaholic Cambie dress I've also been eyeing up forever.  I sew someone on twitter make up a dress in this fabric and I had to have it.  

I also got round to buying some black gingham to make a summer dress out of.  I've decided to go with the Collette Hawthorn shirt dress.  Probably going to go with v.3.

So, that's it- quite a bit of money spend on quite a lot of fabric- I'll keep you updated with how things progress (of course!)

Have you been splurging lately? Tell me, what fabrics have you bought?


  1. omigosh leicester market is fabulous for fabric! i love the look of that a-line skirt and the last few dresses! i also want to make clothes i can wear everyday so i'm focusing on leggings and t-shirts! :)

  2. so many great fabrics! Please get the Lady Skater pattern - you will not regret it! :) And I'm looking forward to seeing the finished Sewaholic and Collette! x


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