Monday, 16 June 2014

The Notebook Sewalong #3

Hello All,

Thank you for your kind comments on my last post (which has now been deleted, fyi)- it has been a really hard month, and feels like it will continue to be difficult for a long while yet.  But I want to return to blogging regularly, because even when it feels impossible, life must continue.

So I left you hanging re; The Notebook Sewalong.  But your patience will be rewarded.  Here is my final dress, check her out!

So I've pretty much made a copy of my inspiration dress, minus the buttons in the end as I decided they were unnecessary.

To make the pattern pieces for the front detail I traced out the pattern and mirrored it so I had a whole front pattern piece, then decided where I wanted the crease/fold/ricrac to go, remembered to include seam allowance, and drew the new cutting lines.  Then traced the smaller other piece to complete the front of the dress. Of course I did a muslin for this, to make sure the plan would work- lucky for me, it did first time! yay! I did  make a small change once I got my pattern pieces on my actual fabric because the pattern curved a little and looked wrong against the neat rows of pattern, so I followed the pattern on the fabric and just kinda winged it.

I ended up with quite a short dress, but not quite as short as the dress in the film.  I did leave a big him allowance in case I wanted to lengthen it, but after wearing it for a day I am comfortable with the current length.

So, I'm really, really please with my make.  I love this dress, it is so comfortable and casual, and I'm going to be wearing it a lot, I can tell you now.  The fabric I got from work, and even using my discount it was more than I'd usually spend at £11.50/m.  Because I was looking for a very specific fabric design I rationalised the extra cost, and I can't lie to you, I actually am in love with this fabric!  It's a woven cotton with a tiny touch of stretch to it, it is beautifully soft and was wonderful to work with.  I can't afford to make it a habit to spent that much, but next time I see something just perfect at that price, I won't be afraid.  

I'm now running off to check out the other's makes-
Amy from
and Courtney from

They've all done a great job, even if things haven't gone perfectly to plan ;)

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  1. I loooooove this! This is so cute and you can totally see the resemblance to Allie's dress! Great job, Freya! Hope you're doing well! xx


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