Monday, 28 July 2014

All of Time and Space

Ahhh! How awesome is this fabric! I faught hard in a bidding war on eBay to win two large curtains of 2007 Doctor Who fabric and I was not disappointed! The fabric for this dress cost about £12, and I was left with a whole other curtain afterwards. I also use this fabric to make a skirt with my sister, and I'm saving the rest for a rainy day.  I've wanted some nerd-tastic fabric for a while now, since seeing some of the awesome Pins around, and have been scouring eBay for the the right fabric.  I had requirements- it had to be a show that I was actually interested in (no little ponies, sorry) and with a small enough pattern that I wouldn't end up with Thor's face across my boobs. This was perfect with it's seemingly random print repeat and blue on blue tones, it could almost pass as a regular pattern.  Almost.

I debated for a little while which dressmaking pattern to use, but I fell back on my old faithful, Simplicity 4070.  To mix things up a little I used a French curve to adjust the neck like at the front and the back, lowering the front and turning the back into a bit of a V neck. I baught the French curve with some birthday money, and have used it a couple of times on some WIPs I've yet to finish or share. It's so useful because I know that my eyeballing off the neckline would result in a odd looking shape. I forgot to stay stitch though! Damn! So the neckline is a little stretched out :(

I went with a dernel skirt, with 1.5times my waist measurements, I definatly prefer this ratio to twice my waist- I don't want too much going on there! He skirt length is 18inches with a couple added for the hem.  For a quick make this is my favourite skirt style, it's just too easy to mock up. 

One of the most exciting things about making up this pattern was taking the chance to use the over locker I've been lent for the first time! Luckily, it came threaded, so I just got going.  As the bodice is lined anyway, I used it to finish off the skirt seams, the hem and the waistband. I'm in love with the finish! I'll be overlocking everything now, I think. I've even got plans to go back and overlock past makes that I want to preserve. 

So, Dave asks the real questions, "when exactly are you going to wear it?!"  I can't say I have an answer yet, I'll be go it's and say that it's not something I will wear day to day, but when the occasion comes, maybe comic con, maybe a Doctor Who themed party (hint hint, friends), maybe just when I'm in the mood to be a little eccentric.  I know this dress will get it's fair share of wear.

wrinkly back is wrinkly


  1. Awww, this is amazing! I love the fabric - totally worth the ebay bidding war! You look gorgeous - that blue looks really nice on you! I wonder whether the back would be less wrinkly if you'd cut out the bodice a size smaller next time? It looks quite big around the bust and armholes. xx

    1. I thought the same :( I'm going to have to go back in and make the changes. I guess its lucky that I don't have anywhere to wear this dress yet :) x


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