Wednesday, 16 July 2014

I love Shirt making!

I've been consciously working to wards making a more everyday wardrobe recently, and one piece of clothing that I certainly consider a vital part of that are casual shirts.  When I'm not feeling like wearing a dress, you will find me rocking the jeans/t-shirt/shirt combo.  This makes the Grainline Archer shirt the natural addition to my pattern collect, no?

I loved putting together this shirt- it was challenging enough to keep it real interesting, but the instructions were clear and easy to follow.  Naturally, this wasn't a quick make, but it kept me interested through out.  Well, until I had to hand sew the buttons on.  I hate hand sewing, it takes too long for my liking and I just get bored.  So it sat in my kitchen for at least two weeks, finished minus the buttons because I'm too stubborn for my own good!

The instructions for the Archer are so brilliant, and very clear. I didn't have any problems putting it together at all.  In fact, the instructions make what started as quite a daunting task in to a smooth sailing and fun make!

This fabric was the last of the bolt at the market stall I frequent, so got the last 1.6m for £5 or so.  I love gingham, mini or big, of all colours, but especially in black.  And I love shopping on the market.  Not only do you get a wider selection of fabrics than the department store in Leicester, but they almost always cut me a great deal on my shopping.  Being a customer to a small business like that is so worth while.

This certainly wont be the last Archer I make- I've already picked out two more pieces of of fabric to turn in to shirts in the near future.  I'm considering going down a shirt size though, what do you think? There is plenty of ease in this one, so I think one size down should be fine and less billow-y.  

This picture shows the real colour of the shirt, plus it looks all artsy, which is nice :D


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