Monday, 14 July 2014

Thoughts on Independent Pattern Companies and the Latest Thing

I just wanted to share something that bugs me about sewing blogs.  Basically, I don't like it when people apologise for not being one of the first people on the blogosphere to make up a independent pattern.  Too often a blogger will start a post by saying 'You've seen this before' or 'I'm late to the party', and I think I'm guilty of doing so once or twice before too.  But why do we feel the need to apologise?  Just because all the cool kids make this dress a year ago doesn't mean that your version isn't as amazing, beautiful, or unique as theirs (unless you make a copy cat version, which you are also entitled to do). 

I think that because independent patterns release patterns so much more often and those patterns are so easily identifiable,  that we feel that they represent trends more than commercial patterns from the Big4.  But think about it, you wouldn't apologise for reading a book a year after it came out, or baking a red velvet cake for the first time next week, even if red velvet cakes have been around for years and are truly delicious. 

We all need to be proud of ourselves, no matter our level of skill or our years of experience, and recognise that each of our makes are wonderful and worth showing off.  It's not the 100th time that pattern has been made, it's the first (or maybe second or third) time it's been made by you and that is totally worth sharing.  

It's also worth bearing in mind that we don't all have the time, resources or intention to maintain the speed and quantity sewing that some people out there are able to. So if it takes you months (or years) to be able to justify the cost of a new pattern, fabric and notions do not feel in anyway bad about that.  Sewing can be an expensive hobby.  And it can be a time consuming hobby- of we all moved the latest pattern to the top of our 'to sew' list, we'd never get around to sewing half the things we really want to- being too focused on being ahead of the curve.

So, go, sew, create and never apologise for your hard work and beautiful creations- you are still an inspiration, no matter who came before you


  1. Thanks for writing a very interesting and thoughtful post. It's so true, even a copy-cat make is still unique to the maker. There are LOADS of patterns I'd be "late to the party" on, but thanks for reminding me there's absolutely no need to apologise for that.

  2. Thank you for writing this article. It certainly touched a space in my heart and I am sure it will comfort sewists for years to come. How insightful. If this were WP format I would definitely re-blog this article.

    Kudos to you young lady.



  3. I don't normally comment on blogs (I'm a bit of a chicken), but I wanted to say...
    Thank you for sharing these words! I like to be proud of the things I make, but too often feel like if it's not perfect, then I can't accept others' compliments. Your words are encouraging... I can be proud of my creations, even if they're not perfect. Thank you!
    Be blessed!


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