Wednesday, 27 August 2014

A Vintage Dress with a Little History

Earlier this year, we lost Davids Grandpa.  He was 93 when he died, and had an amazing life; he worked as a train driver, he was a fantastic gardener, and his wife was a a seamstress, who made wedding dresses! I never had the pleasure of meeting Click, Dave's Grandma, as she died just as Dave and I began dating.  One of the things I inherited was a length of beautiful blue fabric.  It had been used all around their house as curtains and a valance, but this length has gone unused.

Such a beautiful piece of fabric, with a personal family history gives only one option- make it into something beautiful and special.  

I used my favourite patterns bodice, Simplicity 4070, and a dernel skirt with a width 1.5x my waist mesurments for a middley full skirt.  I also went with a longer skirt than I usually opt for, aiming for a proper vintage feel. Owning this dress fuels my desire for a petticoat, but the question is do I DIY or buy?


  1. Such a beautiful dress, and a lovely tribute to Dave's grandma. The shape and the colour go so well together

  2. Yes, do the petticoat, do the pettie!!!!



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