Thursday, 14 August 2014

Blog Love #1

Hey guys,  how is it all going?  I hope everyone is enjoying the summer- it's my favourite season.  I love sundresses, shorts and t-shirts, sitting out in the garden, or the park, drinking wine in the sun, the warm weather, all of it! What does suck is that this is my first summer with a full time job so I'm not getting to enjoy it nearly as much as I'm used to.  Last summer was all about writing my dissertation sat in the sunshine.  I don't think I told you before that this new job is my first full time job, ever! It's taken some getting used to, especially squeezing in my hobbies, sewing and reading, in around a busy schedule.   It makes me admire those sewists and bloggers who manage to maintain high levels of productivity all the more. I'm very grateful for it, however, as it means that Dave and I are now in a position to buy a house!  That's something I wasn't sure we'd be able to do for years yet, so I'm really excited, particularly about the idea of decorating and all those DIYS!

So, today, to help keep your blog reading dashboard full, I thought I would introduce you to some of my favourite sewing/dressmaking bloggers-

1. Suzannah @ Create/Enjoy (formally Adventures in Dressmaking)

Suzannah's blog was one of the first I found when I first started dressmaking, and long before I began to blog regularly about my hobby.  It was also Suzannah's blog which inspired me to begin writing a dressmaking blog.  She has boundless creativity, and regularly used just one pattern to create a range of dresses that are wildly different.  Another amazing thing she does is shows you how to knock off RTW clothes, like this J Crew Scalloped Dress and the Modcloth dress.

2. Courtney @ Makesphere

Courtney is a relatively new seamstress, like me, but don't let that fool you, the girls got talent.  We've recently worked to gather on the Notebook Sewalong, she also knits (and is far more dedicated to it than me) and makes a lot of lovely clothes too.  I have to recommend her latest make, seriously, check it out, I won't say anymore!

3.  Cation Designs

I've shown off my geek side recently, but it pales in comparison to the geek crafts and costumes made by this blogger!  I always turn to this blog for costume ideas and cute cat photos- I highly recommend checking out her Party Thranduil costume! She is also expecting her first baby right now, so you have to check out her series for The Geekiest Baby- adorbs!  This is also the place to go for corsetry inspiration and generally beautiful makes.

Do you have any blogs to recommend? I love finding new blogs so please leave suggestions in the comments!

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  1. Thanks for the thumbs-up on these new blogs to look at ... J


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