Thursday, 28 August 2014

Life Lately #2

It's been a busy, busy month, but oh so fun! I' managed to have a couple of weeks of work to hang out with Dave in his summer holidays.  Let me share with you what we've gotten up to!

As part of a series of day trips Dave and I visited Nottingham for a days shopping- we hit the market to check out the fabric stalls and had a wee wander around the vintage shops.  Nottingham has a great selection of vintage shops and we had a great day exploring them. Here is a selection of our bounty (though the dinos are not vintage, just cute!).  I was really excited to find some lovely vintage sheets in one vintage store, and a awesome wooden sewing box! I've been looking at the new ones of these that we sell at work, but they cost about £50, which really wasn't affordable.  but this one was just £16! Awesome!  I was also really please to find the beauty case, which I have put to great use with all the weddings and camping trips later in the summer.

Something I did pick up at work this month was new feet for my machine! I got a quilting foot and a invisible zip foot- both of which are amazing to work with.  I've been playing around with some small quilts.  I really enjoy the different challenges which come with quilting as opposed to dressmaking, and small quilts are the perfect way to dabble.   There aren't yet many babies in my life, but it's always good to have these things to hand.

My sister and I had a day making her an awesome Doctor Who skirt with the other curtain from my eBay haul.  It was a lot of fun :)  We made a simple a-line skirt for her, and  I really enjoyed teaching.  She's a natural anyway, so she picked it up really quickly.  

Also! Grace (that's my sister) got A*, A*, A in her A-levels!!! I'm so proud of her, she worked really hard and totally deserved getting those amazing grades.  Her exams fell just after our Dad died in May, so there was  time where we didn't know if she'd even take the exams.  Now, however, she if heading to Manchester University to study Physics! Oh yeh!

Then it was one of my best friends wedding! We went up a couple days early to help prepare the venue and help her stay calm and everything before the big day.  The day itself was amazing! I got to be one of her maid-of -honours, my other bestie was my pair.  It was just an amazing day, full of fun, love and laughter; we partied late and just celebrated an amazing couple.  It was a little bitter sweet, however, they moved to Prague the week after the wedding.  They both started teaching jobs in an international school this week, which is super exciting.  We'll be heading to visit in October, tickets are already booked!

After the weekend Dave and I headed to Soul Survivor to meet with our church youth group.  We had an amazing time, filled with ministry and God doing awesome stuff.  We also got to know our guys so much better and we are really pumped for all the stuff we're going to do in the year ahead with them.

Finally, I finished my quilt! I've spent over a year working on this twin bed sized quilt- by far the largest I've ever attempted.  And it was hard work! There'll be a full blog post on it soon.

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  1. Congratulations to your sister on such an achievement in the midst of such suffering. I lost my Dad when I was 14, so I can imagine the pain you are all going through.

    Your quilt looks great. I love scrappy quilts.


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