Tuesday, 9 September 2014

A/W Sewing Plans 2014

The cold weather that we had last week really tried driving the point home, the summer is over.  Dave was back at work last week, he's started at a new school as head of department and I'm at work, sorting out the A/W stock.  Now is the perfect time to begin planning my sewing for the next few months.  I'm going to be a little conservative and plan for one make a month, knowing that I may not have time for any more.  And, should I find time for anymore, I'll leave that decision to my impulsive side and shop my stash.  You know, I'll always stay busy.

So, here are my six projects for the next six months.

Simplicity 2311 Project Runway Coat
My Dad bought me this pattern last Christmas, with all the fabric and notions needed to make it.  I never did get round to making it up last year, so it's at the top of the pile this time round..

Grainline Archer Shirt- I ended up giving my mum the first Archer I made as a birthday present, which is probably a good thing, because although I loved it, it was too big for me. I probably wouldn't wear it much, where as I know mum'll get a lot of wear out of!  So, with the pattern reprinted and cut a size smaller, here I go again!

Collette Patterns Hawthorn
Mentioned in my last Sewing Plans Post, I never did get around to making the Hawthorn dress, so keeping it on the list.  The black gingham fabric should make this a dress suitable for Autumn/Winter, though perhaps I should consider adding the sleeves.

Collette Patterns Negroni Men's Shirt
Also mentioned in the last Sewing Plans Post, but again, not actually made yet.  Part of this is the tiny problem that I'm a selfish sewer, and am less enthusiastic about making something for Dave.  I'm repentant of that though, and have promised him that this shirt will be finished for by Christmas.  He has changed his fabric choice however, and seeing as I hardly ever sew for him I've conceded and am using the purple, very large gingham fabric we both wanted for ourselves.

A Christmas Dress
I'm also planning on making a dress for Christmas day out of this tartan, but I'm going to have a go at drafting my own pattern for this (it's what all the cool kids do, you know).  Of course, I'll keep you update on how that goes.

The Miette Knitting Pattern
This is more of a 'must actually finish this, finally' plan, getting those needles busy and getting the cardigan done.  The beginning of this cardigan has been sat on my needles for 6 months already, so I really should pull my finger out.  I do find knitting to be more of a chore than sewing, so if I can finish this this year (or by February) then I'll be happy.  One knitted garment a year is enough for me.

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