Monday, 15 September 2014

Blog Hopping

'Nobody really seems to know where and when the blog hop started. If you have any idea – please share! The only thing that is known is when taking part in the blog hop, you answer four questions before nominating two other bloggers to keep the blog hop alive. And this is exactly what I’ll do! So here we go.'
Why I write
I started blogging after being inspired through reading various other blogs, both sewing and lifestyle blogs.  I started this blog when I decided to pursue dressmaking more, I wanted to document my projects and share them with other people who make clothes.  I didn't know many people IRL who sew regularly, and It's been really great joining the sewing community through my blog. People I know IRL are supportive of my hobby, and I've even made things with my sister, sister in law and I've plans to make tops with my mum soon.  Blogging also gives me the platform to challenge myself and keep accountable for pushing and improving my skills.

What I’m working on
I've just done a post on my A/W sewing plans, there are lots of projects on there that I'm really excited about- making a coat is a great example of something that I'm going to find a challenge too.  Other side projects, in addition to my listed plans, I'm working on a couple of smaller projects, such as Hepburn Skirt, by Charlie herself, and I'm wanting to make something from the Tilly and the Buttons book.  Plus, it's time to start thinking about what to make people for Christmas.
How my blog differs from others of its genre
I don't know that it does, exactly.  I try to put my own personality into my sewing and my blog, and by creating my own wardrobe, it's not going to be exactly the same as other blogs.  I guess that each sewing blog differs slightly from every other just through the uniqueness of each blogger.  I certainly have a lot of ideas for content, and I aim to make my little corner of the internet my own.
A little bit about my writing process
I sew, and then I write, except when I haven't got something sewn up to write about, then I write about whatever I fancy.  I like to plan and keep to a rough schedule for blogging, so that I don't leave weeks between blog posts- you know, to keep you interested :)  

It also gives me space to share more about my non-sewing life with you, which I enjoy.  I tend to just let my writing come from the heart, which can mean some times I've not necessarily got a lot to say, and others I ramble.  Mostly I blog on my laptop, but I've started to use the Blogger app more so that I can write posts at work and stuff too.  

I like to share almost everything I work on, unless I find the finished article uninteresting.  I'll write about my mistakes and my fails, but not things I'm not interested in.    I tend to take photos to accompany my text, rather than taking photos first.
My two nominees 

Kat at A Krafty Kat- is another sewing blogger, who also manages to complete knitting projects (I'm so jealous!).  

And Janet at Words That Could Only Be Your Own, who is more of a lifestyle blogger, who lives in my hometown.  She blogs about her work as an English teacher, feminist, music fan, reader and crafty person.  

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  1. Thank you very much for my nomination! I look forward to answering the questions.


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