Thursday, 18 September 2014

Cynthia Rowley 2250

I'm really proud of my latest dress- Cynthia Rowley 2250 sundress pattern.  It's a beautiful pattern, with ruching details on the bodice, a bow back, roulo straps, a gathered waist and pockets! (I don't care if it's cliched, I love a good pocket.)  This dress had enough interesting details to keep the contraction interesting, but it wasn't really as challenging as I had hoped it would be.  I would really like to have a go at more challenging patterns, but I don't particularly like many of the details which often go into making a pattern more difficult- like an abundance of pleats, frills etc.  They just aren't my style.

The construction of this dress was different than most of my previous makes- it included underlining, which I've never used before. I really like the weight of the bodice with the underlining and lining layers.  It makes the dress feel structured and sturdy, and it's super comfortable.

I cut out the size 14 as usual, and made a slight adjustment to the strap length, shortening it by about 2 inches.  Other than shortening the bode by a 1.5", this is my only 'standard ' change I ever make to a pattern.  I'm planning on going to some classes to get help with my fit in the new year.   I'm not entirely sure what else I need to do, fit wise, so I'm really looking forward to some guidance in that area.

I decided to make a sundress despite the cooler weather we're having (it was misty the other morning!) because I rationalised that a black sundress isn't really a 'sun'dress and can totally be a transitional item of clothing- all it needs is proper layering :)  I wore it to a gig the other night, and dressed it up a bit.  I made the mistake of wearing new heals though!  Owch!  Remind me next time I'm going to a gig that converse are the only way to go.

So, am I the only one still making sundresses at this time of year? Or are you guys also clinging on to the warmer weather too???

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