Thursday, 4 September 2014

How I Sew and Blog with a Full Time Job

Managing a full time job and a time consuming hobby is nothing new, nor something I am an expert it, but as I've made the transition from part time to full time work I've come across some challenges in balancing work, life, sewing and blogging. Here are a couple of tricks I've picked up over the last couple of months which have helped me to find that balance and still enjoy blogging! 

1. Organise! 
It took me a while to find a format to organise my blogging schedule.  I tried diaries,downloaded printables and various notepads, but the winner for me has to be the diary I made from a notebook- using a simple layout that I designed.  

It's got space to write up to three blogposts, should I ever manage to come up with three a week, space for a 'To Do' list, space to jot down ideas and a blank page to use as needed.  I've used this space to add a monthly calendar planning space every four weeks or so, here you can see how the months ahead will look, the blank pages can also be used to sketch out plans which need more space to evolve and many other useful things.  

Having this space is key to my organisation as I need the flexibility to make notes, expand ideas etc, but I want to keep it all together.  

2. Use lists
 you can see I've space for lists on my notebook, but I also use the app Top Tasks as a way of keeping lists on me at all times, should I need to add, edit or create lists on the go.  You never know when ideas will come to you.  I've chosen this app because you can create lists with in your main list- so useful!  And it doesn't over complicate things- perfect.

2. Use mobile writing apps
I'm writing this right now on the blogger app- it's brilliant! With an app you can write blog content when ever you have an idea or a spare five minutes. I don't recommend using the app for finishing off posts or adding photos etc as it is limited in its capabilities, but for text, it's rediculusly useful.  

3. Schedule Ahead of Time
Scheduling is your friend!  My projects are rarely competed and photographed at a sensible time for posting on line.  In fact, I tend to photograph a few makes at  once and schedule post a week or so in advance.  My work schedule means I have odd days off week to week, making regular photos and blogging even harder, so this is essential. 

And the most important thing, do not, under any circumstances, be mad at yourself for to following your schedule to the letter.  Skip a week, I dare you! The world won't crumble, and you might feel better for it.  Schedules are your friends, not your keeper.

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