Thursday, 11 September 2014

My Longest WIP Yet is Finally Finished

Dave and I receved a handmade quilt as a wedding present from one of my uni house mates, and it is beautiful.  Made by her mum, it is intricate, beautifully finished and just, truly gorgeous. And I credit it with beginning my love affair and desire to make quilts.  That was four years ago.  Some time in the year after university finished, three years ago, I began collecting fabric scraps from my projects and fat quarters to start on my very own quilt.  After some goes at some tiny quilts, and a cushion cover, I knew that I should keep my quilt design simple.  I really liked some of the simple quilts I'd seen on Pinterest that were basically made of rows of squares- this one in particular.

So I began cutting out and piling 4.5" squares out of the fabric I'd collected.  I spent an evening laying them out on the floor, totally getting in Dave's way as he tried to watch Tv.  I was aiming to ensure that I had no two of the same fabric near each other; touching at the corners or side by side.  I also tried to make sure that each row didn't have two of the same but that had to be conceded on as the quilt grew.   That was about 18 months ago.   Then the rows, neatly packed up in envelopes and labeled to keep them in order were left for another 6 months until we moved house last summer.

When we moved, I began to sew together the rows, taking my time over it, and then left my finished quilt top  while I found the right fabric for the backing.  I ended up using an orange duvet cover I found in a charity shop.  Once quilted the top, wadding and backing together it still took me another 6 months to bind the edges because I kept putting it off.  Nala (my cat) has been loving this quilt from this stage onwards, so warm and cosy!  She even was climbing inside its folds as I was trying to sew it together!

So the quilt is finally finished, and although it is full of imperfections, or perhaps because of them, I am so in love with it!  I think, personally, that it is actually the best quilt in the world.

It now has pride of place on our sofa, sometimes it's moved to our bed, sometimes I just rap it around myself because it's warm!

And just a couple of more photos for your enjoyment (and so I can show off ;D)

Like I said, it's far from perfect, but see if I care :D


  1. Hello. Longtime lurker here, first time commentor. Your quilt is lovely. My mother made a quilt for my daughter using some of the mountain of scraps she had accumulated over decades of sewing. The fun thing was my sister and I recognizing fabrics and reminiscing about the outfits Mum had made us.

    1. How lovely! Handmade quilts make the perfect hairloom! I'm still keeping most of my scraps with quilting intentions. It is so nice to see pieces of other loved projects making up something speacial. Have you ever had a go at quilting- I like to think that I show it doesn't have to be perfect to be wonderful. Xxx


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