Monday, 29 September 2014

What's on my Sewing Table?

Hey guys, I'm actually working on one of the projects outlined in my A/W sewing plans post! Check me out, following a plan and getting it done :)

I've cut out the pieces for the Collette Hawthorn dress, but haven't got much further yet.  Partly because Cat keeps getting in the way, partly because life is pretty busy at the moment and I'm struggling to find the energy to sew.  Today I did sew up a black spotty Picnic skirt, because I wanted something quick and easy to sew.  Even something like the Hawthorn feels a little like too much of a challenge, but that's only because I've not made it before, and this picnic skirt is my third, so I can whip that up in no time.

I think, perhaps I've taken on quite a lot of different projects and commitments at the moment, between church, family and work, and something might have to give.  But I hope not, and on the other hand, some of my current commitments are only short term, so things might balance out naturally anyway.  I'm not sure yet.  

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