Tuesday, 14 October 2014

After A Little Tweaking...

I have a dress which fits me perfectly- or it would if I hadn't made a small mistake. I'll tell you how later. OK, so this dress fits me almost perfectly!

Last week in my dressmaking class I sewed together my second muslin of the Ruby Dress, and got it approved by my teacher, and on my day of this Friday I sat down to make it properly out of my fashion fabric!

I wasn't sure what fabric I wanted to use, so I went with grey and white polkadots, because,well, you can't go wrong with a good old polkadot! 

For the first time I can talk you you about my standard alterations- I'm so excited! We took in an inch of the front bodice, along the fold line, tapering to 0" towards the waist to remove the excess fabric where it hung oddly at my neck. We cut a size 16, base on my waist measurements and then took in a 1/2 inch off the front and back seams under each arm.  We shortened the bust dart by 1/2" and took up the back hem by another 1/2inch, tapering down to meet the front bodice hem at either side.

You can see that I haven't got proportions completely different from the 'standard' that pattern designers use, which is why it's taken me so long to really get round to looking at fitting issues.  Everything I've made is close enough that it hasn't been a priority until now. My next plan in the six week course is to try the same alterations on a different style of dress/bodice- and see how they differ.  I'm able to cut out and sew up the next muslin before the class, so when I get there I can just use the time to pick my teachers brain and just get the most out of it all as possible.

So, where I went wrong- i made a mistake cutting out the skirt pieces, making them an inch to small around the waist, either side! To work with this, I trimmed the same amount from the back bodice, effectively removing the majority of the ease.  It still just fits, thank God, but it certainly isn't a dress to eat a big lunch in.  You can also see it pulling a little around my waist at the front.  I'll obviously learn from this little error for next time, doh!

I'm wearing my finished dress to class this week, and I have worn it once already!  I was in a fashion show this Saturday, modelling Fairly Traded clothes from lines such as Braintree and other fair trade brands for the Just Shop, here in Leicester. I find model this dress, but I wore it through rehursals. I'm really happy with how it turned out and am excited to practice using what I've leant on my next project.


  1. Beautiful picture, Freya! The dress is gorgeous! The fit really is spot on. I have the same "problem" that I sort of just fit in most standard patterns and so never really had major fitting issues. Therefore I don't know where my actual fit adjustments are. I really want to take a class to learn!

    1. I'd totally recommend taking a class, or just getting someone to help you see which changes are needed:) having a extra set of wise eyes is the main benefit x


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