Thursday, 2 October 2014

Blog Love #2

Hey guys,  can I ask you a question?  Is it just me or does everyone who has long left school still get New Year Fever in September?  I don't have any need for new stationary, diaries or whatnot, but I will browse the relevant section in any shop I'm in, nonetheless.  Maybe it's the promise of new starts that September brings.  Maybe its the changes in the weather making me nostalgic.  Maybe I've just always been a geek and somethings will never change.  Dave is back at work, in a new job this year- he's teaching younger kids (age 9-13) science, and is finding that the change takes some getting used to.  New starts are always hard, but we can only preserver until the new becomes routine and we start feeling like we know what we are doing.  Fake it 'till you make it, eh?

Blog Love posts are my way of sharing with you some of my recent favourite blogs, with the hope I can maybe introduce you to some new faces and share some of the work of seamstresses that I find really inspirational and encouraging.

Shannon is only 17, but has been sewing since she was 6!  Her experience show through in her gorgeous makes, and she really encourages me to work on my finishing of garments.  Just check out her graduation dress- it's to totally stunning.  As well as dressmaking, Shannon knits and has a 'thing' for vintage style.

2. Mary at Idle Fancy

Idle Fancy is one of the newer blogs that I've started to follow- and it's one of the few I've spent time digging through the archives of.  Mary also has a thing for vintage style, and makes so, so many beautiful dresses.  I find this blog inspiring because Mary knows what she likes and is puts a lot of care in to make beautiful dresses which always look amazing.  

3. Dixie at Dixie DIY

Dixie is a independent pattern maker, historical seamstress and brilliant blogger- I always enjoy reading  her posts, whether they be about her regency era dress or the latest Cynthia Rowley pattern.  In terms of her modern style, I really take a lot of inspiration from Dixie's makes, and I'm also inspired to have a go at some costuming at some point too.

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