Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Life Lately #3

I'm taking a class to improve my fitting skills this week, and have been reading up on pattern designing.  I'm really aiming to push forward my skills this year and this has been really interesting reading.

Well, cooking isn't an accurate term, but I've made cheats I've cream! Yummy:) it's  'cheats' because it's got (quite a lot of) booze in. The alcohol means that it doesn't freeze fully, so it doesn't need churning- easy and tasty.

I ended up making quite a lot by accident, unsure how far the ingredients would go.  There are three batches in my freezer- Bailies, Whiskey and Honey and Lemonchello. The Whiskey one is my favourite!

My little sister has gone to uni, leaving behind her lovely boy cat.  He has moved in with us, much to Nala's annoyance. She hasn't much liked having is new house mate. 

We did have a scary couple of weeks when he escaped the house before he had settled in properly, and we didnt see him for a while.  He was out, stealing food from other houses and making general mischief.   We got him back eventually, and it's so nice to have him with us. 

My friend Fran came and spent the day doing science with Dave (towards her bio a-level) and sewing with me!  We made her a patchwork cushion cover with my Cath Kidston scaps- I really loved spending time with my bestie making pretty stuff.

A stack of new dress patterns from work in the sale! 

Dave and I have just stormed through the first season of Orphan Black- it's amazing! We need toget our hands on season two ASAP! 

I'm also re watching Charmed, coz, you know, it's classic.

The last of our gorgeous sunflowers from the garden.

Our four year anaversary with a steak night and champagne.

17.5kgs of tomatoes. Yep, 17.5kg.  They are slowly being turned in to chutney- yummy

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