Thursday, 30 October 2014

Life Lately #4

I've been planning out some more projects for the next couple of months- however, what needs to top my list is my Christmas dress!  I've not even started on designing it, never mind drafting, muslining and, you know, actually making it yet.  I couldn't resist the new Deer and Doe pattern though- its really cute, plus I wear shirts a lot so it's nice to mix up styles.  The other fabric in the picture is for *secret* Christmas presents!

Among the other things I've made this last month, this quilt that I made for Dave is by far, my favourite thing!  I'm so proud of it.  Also, as you can see, Nala was quite taken with it too! 

yes, my cat usually looks at me like that, especially when I'm shoo-ing her so I can take photos, or sew.

Earlier in the month I was part of a local fashion show.  The Just Shop is a local run fair trade shop in Leicester City Centre, which sells the most beautiful clothes and home wears.  I was really excited to be a part of the team again this year- the last show (which I was also in) was 2.5 years ago.  The whole thing was so much fun, and was a great success.  

We finally got our new house keys! It was a long wait for the solicitors to do their thing, but its totally worth it.  We've got some time before we have to move out of our rented home, so we're painting all the main rooms first, and then aiming to be completely in by the first weekend in December.  I can't wait!

Six months ago Dave and I ordered tickets to watch an American Football game at Wembley Stadium, and the time had finally come!  We stopped over at my Brother-in-Laws house and took the train down to London for the day.  We really did have an awesome time- getting there at 1130 for the 1330 kick off meant we got to enjoy all the festivities before.  WE did a lot of people watching, enjoyed some nice food, browsed the program and picked a team.  We supported the Detroit Lions, who spent most of the game losing quite badly, only to win the game in the last few seconds- such fun (Miranda...)

And this week, we flew to Prague to visit our best friends, Emma and Chris (who's wedding was featured in August Life Lately Post).  They are both teaching out here in an international school.  It's been really lovely to catch up, having not seen them since the wedding, and visit a new city with some very good tour guides.  Also, I've managed to persuaded them to take me to a fabric shop today, so I'm looking forward to seeing whats on offer :D

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