Thursday, 9 October 2014

So Today I Made A Quilt

It's true, today, in fact, before lunch I made David a quilt I've been promising him for a little while (well, two years, but who's counting).

I was gifted around 12-15 lengths of fabric by a family friend back when I started sewing a lot.  Some where fat quarters, some half meters, all in different patterns of tartan/plaid/flannel.  I wish I knew where they were from originally, as I would be there in a flash and stocking up on enough to make all the shirts.  I knew immediately that they would be destined for a 'Man Quilt' for David and began cutting out stripes of some of the lengths with a Log Cabin design in mind.  Except, I was brand shiny new to sewing and quilting, and it took ages, and I wasn't very good at cutting accurately (Still not that good, but totally improved).  All this meant that I got distracted and left the pieces and the uncut lengths aside until today.  I stand by the statement that this quilt has been waiting around to be finished for the longest time, but this one is pretty close.

It took such little time to turn those cut out pieces and fat quarters in to a quilt in just a morning because I did take some short cuts.  The piecing together all the pre cut pieces took the longest, stitching 6 together to make a rough square then trimming those into equal sizes.  I knew I wasn't going to bother cutting out any more, so the rest of the quilt had to be large squares, equal in size to the patched ones.  Easy.  

I wanted some to add some further interest, so changed the direction of the patched squares on each row.

Then I was lucky.  I only have one piece of wadding in my stash, as I don't exactly quilt a lot, (she said, having made 5 quilt tops in the last month, unblogged, naturally) which was exactly the right size.  I'm talking a quick trim of the rough edges and it was meant to be.

It wasn't until that point that I realised that this could be a project I would actually finish the same day I had started it.  I was a little worried that I would have to put it on hold while I found the right backing fabric, but low and behold, in my fabric stash, I had the perfect vintage bedding set.  The colours were ideal, the size was larger than needed and it wasn't floral, like the majority of my collection.  Paisley is totally a guy friendly pattern.

So I used my kimble gun to secure the layers together, bound the edges with the backing fabric, and bound it off under my machine.  To do the actual quilting, I used a tried, true and easy technique, sewing little knots at the centre of each block square.  And that's it.  I know it might totally be called cheating, but I love it.  I'm so pleased with the result, and so is Dave!  I debated saving it for a Christmas present, but he wanted it today and I was too pleased with my self to argue.   

Truly, a fantastic way to spend a morning.


  1. So great! I love the colours. I made my fiance a quilt in greens and browns for his birthday last year

    1. Lovely! It's so satisfying making things for others:) x

  2. Wow, you're quick! I really like the colour palette and the finished quilt looks so comfy! How large is it? I promised to make my sister-in-law a quilted baby play mat, measuring about 1.4x1.4m, and am worried that it will take ages (which is why I haven't started yet - very irrational I know :D )

  3. It's about 1.5m square:) using the knitting quilting technique is really quick- it's the patchwork and the actual quilting that takes the time, so go with big patches too and it'll be super quick- perfect for Christmas presents x


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