Monday, 29 December 2014

2014 in Review- The Fails

In 2014 I have blogged about 18 garments, and have around 2 or 3 that I've not blogged about too.   There have been a few items that have been half made, or were such fails that I've not blogged them at all.  These haven't been included here, because I'm learning from them, using them as toiles and will share them when I've a second version that I'm happy with.  I've been aiming to balance out my cake and my icing makes compared to last year, when, to be honest there were lots and lots of makes I've not worn at all, and I'm pretty happy with the balance.  However, today, I'm going to talk about those garments that rarely, if ever, make it out of my wardrobe.

The Archer Shirt

While I really enjoyed making my first archer shirt, I did make it too big for me :( And I made a small error in the direction of the button holes- meaning in the end, I just wasn't happy with the finished product.  Although I never ended up wearing this shirt, I did learn from the experience, and next time i'll scale down the sizing, and consider doing a small FBA depending on the chest size.  And I gave this first version to my mum, so it is still being worn! 

Sew Dolly Clackett Dress

Oh, how I love Dolly Clacketts style, and I had a lot of fun recreating it for myelf in this dress- but I have not once pulled this dress out to wear.  It's a bit of a shame, but it's also taught me more about what I do like to wear and what I should make in the future.

BHL Anna

I love this dress, and have actually worn it a couple of times, but the fit around the chest is a little off, and can gape, so I'm not 100% comfortable in it.  I want to make another and have a go at fixing that neckline this time.  

Vintage Dress and Time and Space Dress

Both these dresses were made with my darling Simplicity 4070, but the fit of both is a little off- because I made them before I had really looked in to fitting and adjustments.  Now I know how to fix the fitting issues and aim to sort them out, hopefully bringing these dresses into my wardrobe rotation next year.

Toiled Dress error

The reason this dress is a fail is explained in the original blog post- I made an error when cutting it out and forgot to include seam allowance! It's simply that reason I've not actually worn this dress since finishing it.

Next time, I'll be sharing this years wins! That's much more fun!

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