Thursday, 18 December 2014

Blog Love #3

Hi Gang- with the madness and tiredness of moving house I totally forgot to write a Blog Love post last month! Damn! Because there are so many amazing blogs out there that I keep finding and wanting to share with you all.  

I can't lie though, it's also been a busy time at work- working in retail obviously means that right now we are in the middle of peak trading, and I'm having to work late shifts as well as regular long days.  It's a good job I enjoy my job really.  Retail ins't for everyone, but I'm working towards management training, so I get given a ton of extra responsibilities and tasks to keep a girl busy.  It's good because it means each day is bound to be different.  Sadly though in takes me away from sewing and you guys!

Side Note, what do you think of my new blog back ground?  I have no design skills, so bought a new design off talented internet people.  I love it!  It's totally me.  Next up will be getting some new photos taken, which my mum's going to do for me :)

Now we're all settled in to our new house and I've found some time to blog, I bring you another three lovely blogs to sink your teeth into.  

1.Sewn by Elizabeth

Elizabeth's blog is relatively new to me; she's an Auzzy blogger, sewig for herself and her kids. I feel like we're on the same level of skill etc so it's nice to see how she develops her skills too. With a couple of years of blogging under her belt she's got a lovely selection of garments in her handmade wardrobe and shares some interviews she's done with indi pattern designers.

2. ReFashionista
If you haven't yet found the ReFashionista you clearly haven't been paying enough attention to Pinterest. She shops exclusivly at secondhand shops, snapping up pieces that no one else would touch for just a dollar and with some clever cutting and snazzy stitching turns each one into a totally wearable garment! Seriously the transformations are amazing.

3. Scruffy Badger Time
Whinny is a regular on the UK bloggersphere, hosting desert island sewing and stitching an inspiring work out collection. Not only does this talented women see, but she runs marathons too.  The only marathon I do is the DVD kind. Totally have a nose around her blog for inspiration of many kinds- I love her fabric choice, which she does perfectly almost every time!

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