Monday, 22 December 2014

DIY Christmas Stocking

I wanted to share a quick DIY with you today, It's just three days until Christmas now, so it's probably a little late to make up, so sorry about that.  Truth be told though, it doesn't take long to make this project, so i'f you've got a hour or two, a handmade stocking is a lovely touch!  I made a whole bunch of these stockings last year, and they are really easy to draft and sew up. These make really lovely gifts, and are obviously also a lovely thing to make up and give gifts in too!

You will need:
A large piece of paper- A2 is a good size, but you can go large or small.
A round plate- I've used a 15cm diameter bowl, but go with a size which correlates with the size stocking you want to end up with.
A pencil.
FQ of fabric. Extra for the trim.
Sewing machine and sewing kit.
Small piece of ribbon.

1. Using the plate, trace two over lapping circles the second one a little higher than the other, then join the bottom edges with a line.  Draw a line up from the circle which will become your heel and decide how tall you want your stocking to be.  Then drew another line up from the overlap of the two circles at a slight angle from the first line, and draw a slight curve to join it to the toe of the stocking.  Join up these two lines across the top- there you have your stocking template!  It should look like this- 

2. Cut two from your outer fabric, right sides facing, and two from your lining fabric.

3. From the extra fabric, you'll now cut four rectangles the width of the top of the stocking and at the depth that you'd like your stocking cuff to hang down.  Sew two of the four together, right sides together turn and press, repeat with the other two.

4. Now layer the stocking pieces together, right sides of the outer fabric together, with the two stocking cuff pieces sandwiched between them, cut edges all at the top of the stocking, and the lining fabric on top of those again.  

5. Sew around all the curved edged, leaving the top of the stocking open.

6. You will be able to turn the stocking the right way out.  Find the two outer fabric pieces which are right sides facing and pull the stocking out from there.  The lining fabric will then be inside, and the seams will be tucked away too.  The cuff of the stocking will also be pulled out and will be on top of the main fabric pieces.  As long as you've layered it up correctly, this should work perfectly. It will then look like this-

7. Now all you need to do is finish the top raw edge- I've folded it down twice and attached a little  loop of ribbon and top stitched it all down.  (I meant to use gold thread, but forgot to change the reel)

And you're done! Fill it with all the sweeties and gifts you can squeeze in to it :D Merry Christmas!

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  1. It looks fab. Every year I say I'm going to make stockings, and every year school becomes hectic, and I get ill with the usual child germs, and all my crafting falls by the wayside. Next year...1


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