Friday, 2 January 2015

New Year and New Goals for 2015

For the last two years I have set myself a list of goals I wanted to achieve in the year ahead, I find it a useful way to keep on track of my achievements and keep focused too.  You can read about my goals for 2014 here and my goals for 2013 here.  Technically, you could say I haven't completed many of my goals for last year, but I would argue that I have still made leaps and bounds in my sewing skills- so whatever!

Lets have a look at this years goals, ok.

1. Knit More; Read More; Watch Less TV!
I am always annoyed with myself when I waste time on sites like Pinterest when I could have been productive.  This year I aim to put my phone away and pick up my knitting or my book more! (See my widget on the sidebar for my reading goals and progress.)

2. Sew Less, Sew Better.
I'm aiming to improve my sewing this year by taking more time over each project and really working hard to produce items that I'm proud of!  This will include a goal of one project per month, but with leeway to add more as I go as whims take me.  With the slow approach I know I'm going to get the urge for quick and easy projects from time to time, which I can't ignore!  But the focus will be on fit and finish of my projects.

3. Take Better Photos.
I asked my mother for photography help for Christmas- she's giving me lessons on taking self portraits for the blog and is going to help me set up a space to take photos in my house and other stuff, like still life and tutorials.  Keep an eye out for my developing skills this year! (But forgive any crappy photos which will still feature from time to time, probably).

4.  Shop Less.
This goes mainly for RTW clothes- I want to dramatically reduce my spending, especially cheap rtw, but also keep a cap on it for fabric and pattern shopping.  I now have a lovely, and quite big, stash of fabrics to work through, along side a full to busting wardrobe.  This year I want to really think about the items I'm adding to that and add smart.  

Here are the rules- 

  • £60 max spend per month on fabric and RTW clothing, total. Lets not lie to ourselves, thats still plenty.
  • Acceptable ready to wear items include- underwear, jumpers, shoes and work clothes.
  • Any ready to wear clothes must be of good quality (goodbye H&M) and preferably not something I could easily make myself.
  • If I fall of the wagon, all transgressions will be documented on this here blog for the world to see.

So, Let's see where this year take us!  Do you set yourself sewing goals?  What kind of thing are you aiming for this year?


  1. i am trying to do a similar thing! i want to try and make one garment for myself a week (probs leggings and t shirts lol) good luck!

    1. Good luck too! I'd love to see how you go- do you blog? xx

  2. I love this. Great goals. I should take a leaf out of your book. I def need to buy less RTW and fabric both my wardrobe and stash are bursting at the seams. I have just started my own blog ~ inspired by the awesome sewing community that is out there. wish me luck! I look forward to seeing how you go this year too. Cheers

  3. Sounds like a great plan! I want to do something similar but I have got to spend more time this year on the technical side of my blog😕

    1. Ahh, the technical side, I get by with the minimum html coding, and have paid for my back ground. It's good to keep a focus though. Good luck with it :D x


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