Monday, 5 January 2015

What's on My Sewing Table

For once, I'm actually properly working though my 'to do' sewing list that I set out earlier in the year (or last year, whatever) and am making the things I intended on making with out getting too distracted by seductive  winks from new and exciting projects.  

To date, I have made two out of five projects from my original A/W sewing list, and have cut out and started sewing two others, with a muslin of the final one slowly getting there.

I've not blogged my Christmas Dress or the finished Hawthorn dress for different reasons- Just haven't gotten around to photographing my Christmas Dress, and I hate the Hawthorn. Arh! I finished it back in October and was all ready to take photos to share with you, but it fit horribly and so, I never shared it.  I'm going to use that finished garment to figure out the adjustments needed and will share with you when I made something I like.

So today! I'm giving you a sneaky look at my Archer Shirt, which is currently in progress- I've been researching flat felled seams to have a go to make thing project one I'm really proud of.  Now, it's just a sneak peak, so stay tuned for the details when I post the finished garment later this month!

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