Thursday, 19 February 2015

Checking out the Flowers in Floral

Hey ya'll, hope you're having a nice half term- I've actually managed to wangle some time off work to spend time with David!  Since I've been working weekends, I appreciate any days off that we get to share.  We spent last Sunday running errands; picking up supplies to finish converting the attic and visiting the garden centre for a lunch date.  Yes, we were surrounded by friendly old people enjoying scones, but it's the perfect date for a Sunday, so there!  Plus, I got a couple new house plants, which I'll try my best not to kill off! 

So, it took me over a year to make my second Belladone.  I can't put a finger on any reason for it taking so long- I loved my Christmas Dress from last year, but I wan't happy with the finish so I've only worn it a handful of times.  I tried taking it apart to improve it, but I got bored and never got around to it.   Hands up if you get bored working on repairs too- it's new projects or nothing! 

I used the remaining fabric from making the Hepburn skirt, I had ordered 2m but managed to squeeze the skirt out of 60cm, leaving me just enough to eek the Belladone out of, without the facing for the hem anyway.  As a reminder, the fabric is a stretch cotton weave bought from Minerva crafts.  I think it cost £8.99/m.   I love this fabric, its super comfy, even though this dress is a little tight with my winter weight.  

Checking out the pansies- and looking forward to doing up the garden to it's habitable this summer.

As I cut out the original pattern last time, this was made to a size 40/12 too.  I made no adjustments to this pattern, Deer and Doe fit me nicely out of the packet. 

I made no attempt at pattern matching, due to the limited amount of fabric I had, so conquering that remains on my to do list for this year.  

And, yes, I am very happy with the finish if this one- I love learning!!!


  1. It's really pretty, I love the print! I'm the same, repairs or redoing a failed project gets boring really fast even when I know the end result will be something super wearable :/

  2. This is gorgeous, it's fits so well (which is probably a stupid comment when talking about something you've made yourself to - duh - fit your own body!) I am more and more tempted to learn about dress-making.


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