Tuesday, 24 February 2015

It’s Me and You, or Me and Knitting. Don’t Make Me Choose. Ugh!

Every 3-4 Tuesday's a group of lovely women and myself gather at my mother-in-laws house to knit. We've been getting together for about 18months now; it started as a learn to knit group, with just 5 of us.  My MIL was the one teaching with me acting as her TA for those who hadn't knitted at all before. And since then we've grown to about 12 of us, if we can all make it, with varying levels of skill. We've worked on a range of different projects, from jumpers, cardigans and hats, to blankets and snoods.  There has been a lot of helping each other out too, with patterns which just don't make sense and projects which have taken far too long to get anywhere.  It's a really fab group to be a part of, I just hope that I actually finish a knitting project this year!

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  1. It looks such fun - I also love your floral Belladone dress, great fabric and fab sewing :)


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