Monday, 16 March 2015

Three Scouts for Your Attention, Please

Hey guys, sorry for the radio silence, our internet has been down for the last week.  It's been terrible!   No Netflix- no The Office.  No Amazon Prime- no Angel.  No Pinterest, because I deleted it off my phone so I'd stop waisting time on it.  I guess that worked extra well this week, eh?  Today's post, as well as being really late, is going to be really short- I need to practice the habit of blogging agin by the looks of things.  

So, I was sent the scout tee pattern two Christmas' ago as part of a crafty gift swap, and I've made and blogged about one woven version here, which has sadly died a death.  And I've made another I've not blogged about, I've just realised.  Oops.  Because this is such a simple, wardrobe staple I haven't been overly keen on making lots of them, because before this year, when I wanted/needed a new tshirt, there was nothing stopping me from buying them, and they're not the most exciting of makes.  But, with my spending ban on clothes, (which so far has been quite successful!) I have been presented with the opportunity to make more staple items for my wardrobe. Which is the long way round of saying that this time I tried the pattern out with various jersey fabrics- lets take a look.

This pattern works really well in jersey, creating a really comfortable, lose top which works nicely tucked in to skirts (as modelled) but also really nicely with jeans and a jumper.  I added  bit of length to all three shirts as I prefer my tshirts to cover my hips when untucked.  I made all three back in February when I had a week of work, using up the last of the previous years holiday time.

I spent the week fiddling around with fabric and patterns and my overlocker.. I've already shared some of the bags I made that week with you, and I've still got a couple of dressed to blog about too.  I really had better get back in to the swing of making, photographing and blogging.

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  1. Ooh, I love the fabric you've used in the last one. All three versions look lovely on you.


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