Monday, 23 March 2015

Sewing for Pleasure, Oh My!

This Sunday I managed to convince a group of ladies who go my my knitting club to accompany me to the Sewing for Pleasure and the Fashion Embroidery & Stitch shows at the NEC in Birmingham- I'll tell you, it didn't take much to make them want to come!  

Here we are, full of energy at the beginning of the show, before we face the crowds!  If I'd taken another photo at the end of the show, it'd be us sat on a bench, with bags of shopping, looking exhausted!  (My MIL took this photo.)

As well as the shopping options, the show hosts various expeditions- including this one of the costumes from Mr Selfridge.  There was some amazing embroidery displayed too, but no photo allowed, which I get, but I really wanted to share them with you- they took my breath away.  There was also some fashion design mood boards and development pieces from school students which really made me want to do some designing and mood boarding.  The other photo above was taken during the students fashion show- this designer was all about the eye!  

The crowds were a little much at times- I took me two goes before I was able to pick up some patterns at the reduced price Simplicity sale- patterns from £2.50.  There was a constant que of ladies rummaging through the packs.  I came back later, when it was a little more quiet and picked up some for me and Dave- I'm aiming to be a little less selfish and sew home more things this year- so I got a unisex PJ pattern and new shirt pattern.  I also found the adult size Frozen costumes, so yes, I got those too.  No shame here- I think it's cool!

My friend Ruth and I are thinking about joining our local WI group- we've got their information and will try and go along soon.  The ladies there were showcasing some incredible crafts.  I think it'd be nice to get to know more crafty ladies and have a go at different things.  Kirsty Allsop has been making the WI look like a cool thing to do for a little while now, it's time to see for myself.

As well as all the dress making and fashion design there was a lot of quilting and embroidery stuff going on, including Stuart, from the first GBSB running a workshop..  I got to have a go at the giant quilting machines too-  I so want one! Shame they're £5000.  Not really a quilter, just a dabbley quilt enthusiast, maybe.  But the displays were really inspiring.

And here is what I walked away with, a few fat quarters, two meters of jersey (the fabric stalls were also really busy, which was a shame as I was up for spending all my moneys- but you couldn't browse properly.) I got 5 patterns in the end, and a subscription to Molly Makes, again.  

And, yes, I will be going back next year.

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