Friday, 20 March 2015

Share Your Sewing Space: Mine!

 Being the Nosy Parker that I am, I'm doing a series taking a peek at other sewists sewing spaces. Each month I'll be chatting with other bloggers about what makes there space special to them and how they went about putting it all together.  In part, this is going to help inspire me as I create my own creative space in my new home.  I hope you all find this as interesting as me, I do love looking around other peoples homes.

Hey guys, following my series peeking in to other peoples sewing spaces, it's high time I shared mine with you.  Now, it's not finished, as I still haven't really got a clear idea of what I want the room to be like.  Do I want bright, colourful walls? Do I want clean white walls? I know I want some art on the walls, but I haven't yet seen anything perfect.  So, here it as, as it is, which is perfectly nice anyways.

So, in our terrace house, I've taken over the front room, which also serves as our dining room.  It's a lovely, big room, which gets lots of light from the south facing windows.  I've got the dining table which I use as my cutting table, and a small table set up in the window where I can leave my sewing machines set up.  

Because this is a 'multifunctional' room (we eat in here like twice a month) I do have to avoid sprawling my stuff all over the place.  You know, make sure it can be tidied up quickly when needed. Other than that, I get to make the most of all the space in the room.  I've got fabric piled up in one cupboard, and my files with PDFs in, scrap fabric boxes and all sorts of other crap in the other alcove cupboard.  I was so glad that this house has some built in cupboards- I think they are so useful, but a crazy faff to build.  

One of my goals is to take better outfit photos, so my mum has helped my style the shelves by the window, making the best use of the light.  I've also put up a backdrop for photos, to give so variation. When I next get round to photographing a make, you can see it in action.

I love the amount of space I have in my sewing room.  It gives me room to really make a mess!! I find that organised mess really inspires me- I'll have, like, all my fabrics across the table to chose which project to get on with next.  When I had time off work in February, this room was a total mess! Nothing like what you see in these pictures! The flip side is that I get so distracted when I've got so many projects to tempt me.  So, yeh, I've still got a few unfinished things loitering around.

I've got a couple of things in my sewing room which I particularly like- Sally, the Mannequin and Sally the Giraffe are unlikely twins- Sally the Giraffe has been around since I was 5 years old!  Unrelatedly, I named Sally the Mannequin after Sally Sparrow in Doctor Who.  Random fact for you.
On one of the dining chairs I've popped our cat's basket, which she sleeps in while I sew.  I love that! You know, she also likes to sleep on my current projects, but it's cuter when she sleeps where she's supposed to!

This here is our bar- obviously there as part of our dining space, rather than my sewing space.  But, it's always useful to have a large glass of gin with in easy reach.  No?  Just me? 


  1. It's so great to be a nosey parker about sewing rooms! Thanks for the sneak peak - I'm about to move house and have, for the first time ever, a sewing room of my own so I'm on the look out for inspiration. Catherine x

    1. Oh, that's so exciting :D I hope these ones I've shared help you create a lovely room of your own. Let me know when it's done, I'd love to share it here too! x

  2. So much space! My sewing room is teeny tiny, when I need to cut large pieces of fabric I have to do it on the double bed in our bedroom.

    1. I know, I'm spoilt! I like you're sewing space too, though! x

  3. Thanks for the peek into your studio space! I can never get enough photos of sewing rooms... each one is so different and so inspiring. For a "multifunctional" room you're doing pretty well for yourself!

    I recently moved to a new apartment and FINALLY have a room that's entirely dedicated to sewing! I shared a tour on my blog a few months back, if you'd like to take a look!

  4. It really is "multifunctional', quote marks essential. But thanks :D I'm checking out your sewing space now! x


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