Monday, 20 April 2015

Spring Sewing Plans

It's that time again, time to plan out what I'm gunna make for the upcoming seasons- to tell you the truth, it's one of my favourite things to do! I have a nice, moderately sized fabric stash which is fun to shop and pair up with my more extensive pattern collection.  

I have three things to bare in mind when planning things out- one: I want to include projects which will challenge me to develop my sewing skills and push me to improve. Two: work to create a cohesive wardrobe out of my makes.  and Three- my summer holiday wardrobe!  We're spending almost two weeks road tripping LA-Las Vagas-San Francisco before heading to Chicago this summer, so a capsule handmade wardrobe is necessary.  

I've got 12 projects here, which means that even if I don't get distracted by pretty new fabric or awesome new patterns I'll have to average 2 a month to get them done by the end of the summer.  I'm not saying it's not possible, but don't hold me to anything- this is more of a list of options than anything else. (Although, I am going to work to get as many of them done as I possibly can!)

Ok, so to the real reason you're here- let's look at some pretty pretty fabrics, okay? I'm going to group these projects by category.

Fair warning, this is a long post!

Everyday Essentals
(This is by far the biggest category)

I've got this beautiful paisley jersey from Leicester market which is going to become an Ultimate Wrap Dress, by Sew Over It.  At this point I've made a few simple jersey t-shirts and Lady Skater dresses, but nothing as complicated as this pattern.  

When in Edinburgh at New Years, I dragged my lovely, supportive husband around the city in search of a fabric shop- when my persistence and his patience were rewarded, I picked up two meters of this soft, silky viscose with the Mimi Blouse, by Tilly and the Buttons, in mind.

I'm not often one to buy the latest pattern when they're released, but I ordered the Breaire Shirt immediately.  I love casual shirts and the details of this one made it a winner in my eyes.  So, (six months later) I'm going to make it up in this lovely white cotton chambray fabric, ordered on ebay.

I got this yellow furnishing fabric from work about a year ago, and it has been sat, paired with this pattern all that time- it's high time to bring it out and make it up, wouldn't you say.

After I heard the sad news about By Hand London, I quickly settled on making up another Anna Dress in the wax print fabric I ordered recently from Ebay.

I've now made two Belladone dresses, and this fabric insists on being my third. Who am I, really, to deny it such a thing?

Summer Holiday

I actually bought the Ginger Jeans pattern as soon as I sew it, breaking any notion of a rule I may have suggested above.  I got this denim on my shopping trip to London back in November for £10, so its a good first try fabric.  Assuming I managed to make a wearable pair of jeans, they will be taken on our adventure as my single pair of trousers.  This photo is a little darker and less blue than the actual denim.

This gorgeous fabric is a recent purchase from Leicester Market, and will be made in to this sundress from the 1970's (I think).  Both on trend and perfect for sunny holidays.

We're going to be spending long amounts of time on the bus between destinations, so comfortable clothing is a must.  I bought 2 meters of this bold jersey at the NEC show last month, and i am planning on making a lady skater from it.

Special Occasions

Wedding Number One- This photo has totally changed the colour of the scuba fabric and lace- they're both actually quite a plum purple.  I'm planning on making a strapless pencil dress out of these for a wedding in May.  I've not sewn with lace or scuba before, but I am getting confident with other stretch fabrics, so I'm looking forward to this as a little bit of a challenge.

Wedding Number Two- Later, in August, we're going to the wedding of two of our close friends and for the occasion I'm making the Betty Draper-est dress I can.  I've got three meters of beautiful floral pink lawn and I'm going to use the bodice of the Ruby Dress and a circle skirt so full it going to be amazing.

And finally, this sexy number is going to be made up for our anniversary in September.  


  1. Wow wish I was as organised as you - I love all your plans - i would wear them all!!
    I see you get some fabric from Leicester market - what days is the market on? I'm hoping to visit Leicester soon - so might have to buy some fabric at the same time......

  2. Wow that's a lot of forward planning! Some lovely fabrics there I must start sewing with jersey I need a wrap dress like that one.


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