Friday, 17 April 2015

Sugar for my Sweet, Honey for my Honey

Christmas before last I surprised Dave with a handmade shirt, which, if I do say so myself, he was ever so pleased with.  Since then I diy'd him a sweatshirt which didn't work out, but the rest of my sewing has been purely selfish! Mwahhaha! 

Well until last month that is- I bought this fabric back in the Autumn of 2014 with myself in mind, fancying making myself a nice flannel shirt. But when I got it home, David laid dibs in it, and so I make him a flannel shirt instead. As punishment I made him wait months for me to make it, lol. 

Anyway, you're not here to hear about how evil and selfish I am when it comes to sewing, you're here to check out what I  make.  So here it is, my second Men's Negeoni Shirt from Collette Patterns.

The cotton flannel was from a local market stall in Leicester, and originally I just bought 2m, so I was lucky when they still had some left, months later, when I needed another meter to make the long sleeve version.  I re cut the front pieces in an attempt to pattern match, but you can see it wasn't quite successful. Dave doesn't mind though and it's not obvious when it's worn undone, as he normally would.

Last Christmas, I cut out the large size from the paper pattern, but I thought that'd actually be a little small for him now, so I used my seam allowances and let it out a little around the sides.   This left us with a nicely fitting shirt.

The Negroni is a good, challenging intermediate pattern, and the instructions come with enough hand holding to make it feel completely achievable.  It has features like a 'camp collar' which gives a distinctly 70's vibe about it, but with more modern tailoring, so (unless you want to) it doesn't look like you've made a fancy dress costume.  I am, however, going to pick up an alternative mens shirt pattern at some point, one with a proper collar, to give Dave more choices.  The mens fashion options in patterns are quite limited so it's be nice to see what few alternative styles are available.   I also really like the details of the sleeve plackets- which I might copy and use on my next Archer shirt for me.

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