Tuesday, 28 April 2015

What's on My Sewing Table?

With my summer holidays firmly on my mind I've been working on this vintage sundress pattern this week.  I'm making out of this beautiful woven rayon fabric, which I love working with!  It's beautiful and drapy but not too difficult to manage under the machine.  I've got a second length of a different pattern for more summer makes! Yay! 

It's nice to have fun and summer and interesting projects to think about this week, as we are approaching the one year anniversary of my dads death.  I'm not very good at talking about it because it's just so painful.  But I couldn't sweep over this week like its nothing either. So, I'm focusing on looking forward to the good times that are yet to come and remembering all the good times that I've spent with my daddy, who will always be my hero.


  1. The dress looks like it will be lovely.
    Lots of thoughts and prayers your way. It's seven years since I lost my father, I know the pain xxx

    1. Thank you, I really appreciate the prayers xxx


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