Thursday, 21 May 2015

Crafternoon Fun

Yesterday I spend the afternoon hanging out with a dear friend of mine, sewing, chatting, drinking lots of tea and playing with her kitties.  Yes, that is my kind of day.  

To start with, the day actually started off pretty horribly- my mother-in-laws car was broken into.  I was going to borrow it to meet up with someone else in the morning, which I had to cancel last minute.  I was really frustrated, but at least I could cycle to my friends house!  

The day was mostly spent chatting away- so actually not much crafting got done, but the day was more about connecting with old friends than being productive, so, meh! *Shruggs*

This is actually one of my favourite things about crafting, I enjoy the creative process, I enjoy the satisfaction of making things with my hands and also enjoy the solitude of shutting my self in my sewing room.  But, really, crafting together, in person or online, is what makes making really special.


  1. Craft get-togethers are so fun, whenever I have one I always promise myself to make time for more... and then life gets in the way. This has spurred me on to arrange another crafternoon!

    1. Damn life- it takes up so much time, time better spend on fun things, like crafts! :D Hope you managed to find some time over half term.x


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