Thursday, 28 May 2015

Life Lately #9

May started off on a bitter sweet foot- the first of May was one year since my dad died. So that was crap.  But I also took my driving test one that date this year, which I passed, finally.  This was my sixth time taking the test, and it's nerves that have got me in the past.  I can't describe the emotions I went through when the test instructor turned to me and said I'd only accrued one minor.  In celebration, we opened a bottle of champagne and I spend the rest of the day with my sister.  I know dad would have been proud of me- he optimistically bought me my first car when I turned 17 and would have loved to celebrate with me.

Shed loads of fabric- sorry, not sorry.  There are pieces in there that are for non-selfish sewing though; like PJ's for Dave and a sundress for my sister.  I also bought some new notebooks from paper chase- I'm old fashioned and love making notes, writing lists, doodling and journalling.  I'd ran out of note books, which honestly doesn't happen often, so stocked up.

*some of these are old notebooks, too*

It was my birthday!!!  Dave bought me cake which came in the post, we ate a yummy dinner at a favourite restaurant, I got given money which I spent on new shoes and a kindle and I spent the day making things.  I'd call it pretty perfect.  I also made a dress for the occasion, which I wore out to dinner with my family, you can read more about it here.

As well as my new Kindle, I got some paper books for my birthday- see above about being old fashioned. I can't wait to dig into these, but I am still working my way through the ones I got given for Christmas.  I'll be taking some of them on holiday with me though, so I'll probably get through a lot of them then.  I do read a lot on holiday.

I spent an afternoon hanging out with a friend, enjoying a bit of a crafternoon, as it were.  I cycled there, which, other than a small spattering of rain, was lovely.  Whenever I cycle I think I should do so more often!

Well, Dave's done all the painting (I was tempted to write 'most of' there, but I should probably be honest with you and avoid getting into trouble when he reads this), but the attic is finished!!!  We've been aiming to get the attic done since we moved in, and it looks fantastic now it's all painted.  shortly after we'd finished we moved the office furniture in and out cat thinks we've make her a bed room.  Dave also loves it, and I think it's awesome too.  It's lovely to have another room finished in our house.

We spent last weekend visiting one of my best friends in Lincoln; they've just moved in to their new house so we swung by to admire it and catch up.  I drove there, which was fun (read; scary as heck!)  And if you think we've moved fast, decorating etc our house, since November when we moved in, you should see theirs! New carpets through out and they've painted, and they've only been there a month! Super impressive.   We also saw Pitch Perfect 2- which was aca-mazing.

And, right now, we're staying in a nice hotel up need Leeds to the wedding of one of Dave's old friends tomorrow.  The drama of getting tomorrow off work was nightmarish, but I did, thankfully and we're enjoying spending some time up this end of the country and exploring local village and towns.  

It's been a busy month- this is the edited down version.  Now, I'm going to finish my wine and go get some sleep.  

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