Tuesday, 12 May 2015

On Screwing up perfectly good fabric

Last week I had a really rubbish time, sewing wise. I had Thursday off work and settled in to my sewing den to work on some projects I'm half way through, aiming to have at least one finished garment by the time Dave got home from work.  The day did not go to plan.

I had jumped straight in to making this gorgeous '70s halter neck dress without toiling first- I saw the size 14 on the envelope and assumed I was good to go. That was just stupid- as the actual bust measure for a 14 in the pattern is 34"- way off my 38" bust. I didn't realise until I'd attached the thing underneath and tried it ok- crap. By this point I'd also cut out the skirt pieces in the two sizes too small size. Gutted. I love the fabric I'm using through, so I'm just hoping they still have it in stock, next time I can afford to go fabric shopping.

After that cock up, I thought I'd finish off another project which was almost done- a nice, simple kimono.  All I needed to do was shorten it a bit and then hem the thing.  I'll let you guess where I went wrong with this one... Yep, I shortened it too much so now it's all cropped and wonky looking. Frack! 

Finally, I decided to cut out a new project, for a fresh start. I bought this white cotton chambray from eBay with the bryare shirt in mind, but I screwed up the measurements and didn't buy enough for the version with the sleeves as planned. Doh! At least no fabric was harmed in that case. I didn't check at the time, frustration got the better of me, but I still hope I can make the sleeveless version with this fabric. It was going to be so pretty! 

So they were my miss adventures of last week, and I'm glad it's over! This week I'm starting fresh and focusing on positive things, like my birthday on Thursday! And making a lovely dress for the occasion.  Here is too happy sewing for you too. 

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