Monday, 28 September 2015

Here I Go Again

Hello guys, 

I’m trying to get back in to the habit of blogging regularly again, because I’ve really missed it over the chaos of the last few months.  Not writing my blog has meant I’ve not really done much reading of other peoples blogs either, and that has made me sad.

The shop is all up and running, we’re in our first full week of trade, and we’ve got some classes booked up already, so I’m super excited.  I’m really enjoying being able to set my own pace of working and feeling confident, despite having the succeed/fail challenge lay right on my shoulders.  We’re at a point where we can open and start selling (thank God!) but there is still a huge long to do list, and most of the fun stuff is already done.  The plan for this week is admin, admin and more admin.  But then next week I need to work on some kits to sell.  We’re thinking pincushions, aprons, bunting and small bags.  Obviously, it can grow from there.  Yay! 

But, I don’t want to bore you silly with work talk, and I do want to keep this blog as my own, personal Dressmaking Diary, so I promise, while I will talk about work from time to time, you will not see any adverts or promos here.  For that stuff you can go to our business blog at

I’d better start catching up on my summer makes, eh? :D

Here are some quick photos of a dress I wore to my friends wedding in August-

Its a Cambie Dress made up in a cotton lawn, worn with a petticoat for fullness (which was awesome and fun to wear!)  Look!

I've also worn it at work last week for Frock Friday, which we are starting each week.  We want to show off  our beautiful selection of fabric and patterns so will be wearing something particularly nice each friday.  Its so nice being able to set out own rules about things like that.  I am really enjoying self-employed-ness, just don't ask me about Sage Accounting!

I'll be back next week, promise!

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  1. Been thinking about you and hoping the shop set up was going well. How exciting. I love this dress. It suits you wonderfully. My blogging has been a little sporadic lately, but hoping next week once the thesis is in I can sew and blog as much as I want


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