Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Pyjama Days

Colder days a here, again (Booo!) I hate the cold weather! On holiday in the USA this summer we had temperatures up to 40*C and it was lovely! I mean, you couldn't do much in that heat, but I don't want to do much in the current rain drizzle we have here in England now! 

One sure fire way to feel better about the cold and wet is new pyjamas! I love pyjamas, I have a dozen different pairs, some handmade, some RTW.  They are made for jumping into after a hard day for maximum cosiness while watching a film with your honey, or wearing while sewing, wrapped up with slippers and a dressing gown. Pyjamas for the win!

So, earlier this month (as time just keep slipping by me) I made up a pair of pjs for myself and my husband, Dave, on one of my days off.  They are both made from the same, super simple patterns that came with one of the GBSB books that my colleague at work had already traced off- yay! (I hate tracing of patterns)

For his, I used some brushed cotton from work, as requested.

And for mine I used this cotton lawn I picked up on our travels in the USA.

I had one request when we went to Chicago to meet up with friends from our Uni days, 'Please take me to a fabric store!'  I dragged all seven of them in to the fabulous, tiny fabric shop, which was piled high to the rafters with rolls upon rolls of fabrics.  It was quite a mission to find some I actually wanted and then it was a challenge to narrow it down again after I did!  In the end I bought two lengths of fabric- two meters of this sleepy snoopy and one meter of an amazing cotton duck/twill with a classic american breakfast food print! Yay!

I should have got 2.5m of the snoopy though, I ended up making cropped pyjamas as I just could get full length ones out of the two meters.  Even considering my little legs!  Never mind, while they aren't as cosy as the pjs I made for Dave, they can sit pretty until spring and I'll wear them through out my favourite seasons instead!

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