Monday, 14 March 2016

It's Just a Three-Cent Stamp

Here is something I actually finished this last week! Yay! Most of the garments in my 'to be blogged' pile are at least a month old, I'll get round to them at some point.

Work has been pretty busy this last month; we've been running loads of workshops and more and more people are finding us in the city centre, and online we've been developing our online presence, exploring online shop option, EPOS, working on our blog (, if you're interested) scheduling the next two months of workshops, talking to magazines about adverts and introducing new volunteers to the team has been a whirlwind of excitement and tiredness.   I'm really looking forward to Dave's birthday at the end of this month, when I'll get to spend a couple of days with him at the bank holiday, and take mental break from my to-do-list.

I was really glad to be able to carve out a whole day of sewing last Monday, and I managed to finish this dress and get 90% of another done too.  

This dress is made with Simplicity 2444, which has been a firm favourite with some other bloggers for a while.  I'm very impressionable and am happy to say I bought this pattern because other people have made such lovely dresses from it.  

I did get on really well with the pattern, I cut out a size 16 at the shoulders, taking out 2" from the centre front and graded down to a size 18 at the waist and hips, remembering to do a sway back adjustment to get rid of the extra fabric which can pool just above my butt.  Instead of using the neckband facings, which I generally hate, I used bias binding to finish the edge.

This pattern is a true fabric guzzler- it requires 4m of fabric, 3m of which is for the skirt alone! The skirt is made up of four panels, cut out using the full width of 44"/115cm wide fabric.  I am really pleased with the fit of the bodice, and will definitely make it again, but I'll add a half-circle skirt instead.  

I've had this pattern cut out since mid-October, but Christmas happened, followed by making a coat (to be blogged) and sewing a shirt I cut out 6 months ago together (also to be blogged).  I'm glad I've gotten around to it finally, I enjoy making more challenging projects like shirts, but dresses are where my heart lies.

^ I got distracted by the fabric being messy when I turned around to take a photo of the back :)

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