Monday, 25 April 2016

A Sweet Vintage Fifi Set

I've now made a few sets of Tilly and the Buttons Fifi pattern- for the window at work, for my sisters Christmas present, and now for me- and I'm still in love with it!

This time, for me, I've finally found a use for the vintage sheets I've been storing away for ages.  I originally picked them up to make sundresses from, but I think that would be a little too twee for me. You know I'm not opposed to some twee in my wardrobe, but I couldn't picture myself wearing this fabric as a dress.

I cut size 5 for the top and 4 for the bottoms, and managed to get both pieces cut from an irregular piece of fabric.  I love how little fabric you need to make this set.  I'm currently in the middle of making a set of the Closet Case Patterns Carolyn pjs, which have taken up over 5m of narrow fabric! Obviously the coverage offered by the garments differs wildly too.

I used my overlocker to make a narrow rolled hem to finish off the shorts and hem, setting it to create the lettuce leaf finish you can see.  I hate turning tiny hems, so this was a bit of a cheat on a garment where the finish wasn't super important.

I need to shorten the straps by another inch or two though, they have twisted around my torso in the night when I wore them, waking me up and generally being a uncomfortable.  That's an easy fix though.  

The little shorts and vest top pjs are so cute, I'm looking forward to the warmer months so I can wear them all the time. 

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