Monday, 11 April 2016

Blogger's Meet Up With Sew Essential


Hope you all had a lovely weekend- mine was filled with a fun country walk, visiting our friends in the Peak District on Saturday, and going to a bloggers meet up on Sunday with my ladies from Crafty Sew & So.  

I was so glad that there was a meet up local to me! I've been down to London before, and there is Sew Brum, but because I'm working in retail I can't usually take time off on a Saturday, plus a train ticket to London is usually £50!

It's great to meet other people who sew and think it's a perfectly normal thing to spend your time doing.  And, who you can talk sewing and dressmaking to without having to explain where all these random girls names come from!

This meet up was organised by Lucy, who writes the blog for sew an online emporium of sewing goodies, Kat who blogs at, and Samantha, from Crafternoon Tea Hostess.  

We met in the upstairs of the warehouse, which was set up to display the range of sewing machines and for tea and pastries- they'd picked up some gluten free biscuits for me too!  After a wee mingle, we headed down stairs to the main warehouse and spent some time shopping.  

They had a great selection of  products and fabrics.  It was really inspiring, Sarah and I took a lot away to consider in the development of our business. 

I picked up the perfect crepe fabric for my next costume project- I'm planning on dressing up as Agent Carter from the Marvel Universe to Leicester Comic Con, which involves wearing a beautiful blue 1940's dress- yay!

After shopping and noising about, we headed back up stairs for a quick craft session.  We each received a goodie bag, which included a hoop and needle, then Kat and Samantha opened up their boxes of scrap fabrics and we dove in.  

The best thing about crafting in groups is seeing the verity that come out of it- everyone was given the exact same resources and everyone made something different! These three are mine, Sarah's and Bekki's. 

The last stop of the day was in a sweet little cafe by a fishing lake.  They put on afternoon tea for us (again with a gluten free option) and this is where we really sat down to chew the fat.  

I had such a fun day, and I can't wait to go to Birmingham later this month for another meet up to go for dinner, this time organised by Charlotte at English Girl at Home.  Sarah and I are getting the train, should any Leicester folk want to join us.

I'd love to run a meet up in Leicester at some point if people are interested- we're happy to host at Crafty, and I'd love to meet more awesome sewers!  There is also a monthly group called Sew Sociable, which Sarah is involved with, I'm going to start going to that too.

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