Monday, 4 April 2016

Fabric is the Best Souvenir


I'm in a super chipper mood- for the first time this year, Spring feels like it's actually, well, sprung! Woo hoo! It brings such joy to my winter hating, summer lovin' soul.  

I'm harking back to last summer with this blog post- sharing another thing I made with my souvenir fabric picked up in the USA.  To avoid driving my husband to madness, I only made on fabric shop stop on the trip, in Chicago.  It was this rather random little place, stuffed to the rafters with rolls and bolts, and bits and pieces not exactly standard issue in fabric shops- at least not on this side of the atlantic.

Do I need a Old Man Doll head? I think I might, just in case...

As well as the sleepy snoopy fabric which I've since made in to pyjamas, I found this awesome light cotton twill-

It begged to be made into kitchen stuff- so a quick and simple apron pattern later, and I've the perfect apron to make our Sunday morning pancakes in.  You know, if I ever remembered to wear it, anyway.

And, of course, a matching oven glove! 

It's lovely having these mementos of our holiday hanging around the house, and it was nice to have them as a post holiday activity too.  

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  1. For my last couple of holidays I've done the same - bought fabric as my souvenir. I love it. When I make up the garment it's reminds me every time I wear it of a lovely holiday. And it means that I have every reason to drag my family to new and interesting fabric shops whilst on holiday ...


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