Monday, 9 May 2016

The Cats Pyjamas

Hey all,

I'm really excited to share with you my latest project- doughnut pyjamas! Totally inspired by Jess Day in New Girl, who's style I've coveted for ages.  In the show, Jess wears some amazing pjs which are just gorgeous.  Each episode has her in a different funky pair of classic pyjamas, which is not my usual sleeping attire- I'm only just moving away from sleeping in old t-shirts (a book I read when I was 14 told me it was cool, and I've never grown up).  

I think many of the pjs seen in New Girl must be made for the show by the costume department, as I've seen her in the most gorgeous Micheal Miller fabric pyjamas, including Candy Land and the bikes fabric.

I looked in to buying the Candy Land fabric to replicate exactly this set, but you need, like 5m of fabric, at designer prices!  It was too rich for my blood.

So when I saw this awesome doughnut fabric at one of our wholesalers, I had to get some in- perks of running a fabric shop.  It was prefect for a cute, fun pair of pyjamas, inspired by Jess.

Using the Closet Case Patterns Carolyn pyjama pattern, which is perfect for replicating this look, btw, 5m of the doughnut fabric and 5m of pink piping, I've finished my first pair of classic pyjamas!

These were a fun, but not an easy make- it's only the second time I've sewn a collar like this, and the first time I've added piping to it. I really enjoyed settling down to a slow sew, which challenged me and made me think more carefully about what I'm doing.  This is one of my goals this year- to sew slower and sew better. 

I've got the next pair cut out and ready to go, with my notes on what I found tricky and how to improve the finish- I'm going to give it a little time before I start sewing them together, just to crack on with some other projects I've also got waiting.

I think they took me about 6 hours in total to make the shirt, and an extra couple for the trousers.  It's hard to keep up with times because I kept forgetting to pick up important elements, like the elastic for the waistband, from work. 

I'm modelling them out the back door of our chalet at Center Parcs, which we visited last bank holiday weekend with my husbands family.  We were having a lovely time, until Dave fell ill, probably with food poisoning.  I really like Center Parcs for short breaks, especially the spa, which we ladies visited on the Saturday. Despite the probable food poisoning, we've rebooked for next year, when we'll have my new little niece or nephew joining us- my SIL is due at the end of May.


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