Thursday, 16 June 2016

Many Quilts

So, I have to tell you guys something… I’ve started to get in to quilting.  In a big way.  Like, so far this year I have made three quilts, and I have plans, and fabric set aside, for five more… FIVE!  I don’t know what happened! One minutes I’m a dressmaker, through and through.  I don't even really like making things that you might consider crafty, I just wanted to make clothes.  Sure, I’ve made a couple of quilts in the past- I even enjoyed making them, but something has shifted, and now they’re all I can think about (Ok, thats a minor exaggeration).
OK, kidding aside, I am loving sewing up quilts at the moment.  We’re running a couple of quilting workshops at work, which I’m being super inspired by!  Just through eves dropping, I’ve learnt how to properly measure up my quilts, and bind them.
Being a little skint at the moment, I decided to sew Dave a quilt for his birthday in March- I was able to source most of the fabric at work, where I have a tab and discount.  He had picked out the colours (or lack of) himself, but we discussed it a couple of months before and he handily forgot by the time his birthday rolled around.  He chose black and white, which makes a really bold, striking quilt.  And his other request was regarding the length-  at 6’2”, he wanted something that came up to his shoulders and down to his toes.  I chose the pattern- I was aiming to keep it simple and kinda manly. What do you think?
I sewed the strips of the different fabrics in to long lengths, and then measured and cut squares out of those- this helped me with the maths to make sure I ended up with near perfect squares.  I’m quite confident in my maths skills, but didn't want to chance it with such a big project.  Plus, it’s probably faster to do it this way.
I sewed the whole thing on the sewing machine- utilising the long armed machine for the quilting stages.  I had a go at using a ‘stitch in the ditch’ foot, with some success, and think with practice it will make sewing much easier.  I kinda wish I had sewn the binding by hand, as it’s the least neat part, but I’m currently finishing off a smaller baby quilt by hand and it’s taking ages!  So it is probably a good idea not to bother with such a large project.
So, I’ve got like 3 baby quilts lined up to do next, plus I picked up some super barginous Cotton + Steel fabric from the local fabric guild, reduced because it’s from 2014.  Its still beautiful though.  I’m going to make a larger quilt from them that, for me!
One of the best things about quilting is the way you can pick it up and do a square or two in a short amount of time- ideal because work is super busy!  We have a bunch of projects in the works, some of which we’ll share soon, others are on a longer time scale.  It’s exhausting, and so, so much fun.

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