Saturday, 31 December 2016

Going in to 2017...

Well, its been a hell of a year, eh?  Not all bad, please note, I'm not all doom and gloom about it like it feels some people are.  In fact, personally I've had lots of high points in 2016.  Some of which I've shared here, but the last 6 months have flown by and I haven't managed to write a single blog post to document it!  

On of the most challenging things of this year has been maintaining this blog and I'm mostly putting the blame on work for that.  It's been an amazing year at Crafty Sew & So- we've been open just over a year now and each day provides a new challenge and new opportunities for me to learn and develop.  I wouldn't change it for anything.  The fact this bog has suffered along the way has pained me slightly, so I'm aiming to come back swinging this new year. 

I should warn you though, I've got a new, rather large and ongoing project that I expect will get in the way of my blogging time- I'm having my first baby in May!  Do expect baby related posts, do expect more ramblings and maybe the odd middle of the night post, but do also expect more dressmaking posts, as, really, that is where my sewing joy lies.

So, to end this mad, fun, crazy, painful, joyous year I present to you a quilt I've made.  

I've has this beautiful Dashwood Studio's cotton since February and quite promptly turned it in to a quilt top, cutting each long quarter down to two long eights and then sewing them all together in a repeating pattern (I love simple quilt designs).  It wasn't long until I quilted it at work on our long arm machine and had the binding attached.  

But then, because I love it so much, I decided to hand finish the binding for neatness.  Except I hate hand sewing, and it took me about 8 hours to do one long side (aprox 1/3rd of the quilt).  So it sat, unfinished for 5 months, until today.  Today I said 'screw it' and finished the binding by machine. It's not as neat, but it is still beautiful and it is finished! Woo hoo!  

So that's my story, just a quick one.  One to keep this blog from dying off and becoming something I used to do, one to start the new year as I mean to go on, one to say 'Hi, not dead' and one to share something I made with you, because I like to do that.  

I wish you all a happy, happy new year.  Take care- I'll talk to you soon (promise)

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