Monday, 23 January 2017

Waterfall Maternity T-shirts

When I found out we we're having a baby, back in September, I did a quick internet serch for dressmaking patterns, I found some older ones from the Big 4 (which they seem to have stopped producing), Megan Neilsons collection and very little else.  There we're a few freebies, but I'm dubious about using free patterns for adults clothes in case they're not as well drafted, and I'm hopeless as following tutorial instructions for making my own patterns from old clothes or adjusting pattern pieces.  

I've still not found many options, so anyone with suggestions please let me know! The few I found included the Make It Perfect- The Waterfall Blouse which I found and bought on the Backstitch website.  A maternity pattern which uses woven fabric to make a nice t-shirt was right up my street, so I ordered it and have since made three!

The pattern really is a lovely, simple project.  With just four pieces, it has gathering just above the bust, creating lots of space around the waist, down to the hips.  I like the grown on sleeves of this patterns- giving good shoulder coverage without needing to set in a separate pattern pieces.

When I made my first top, I wasn't showing at all and wearing this blouse really made be feel like I was wearing a Maternity Top.  But as I've grown in to it, its become less uncomfortable and more flattering. I'm currently at 24 weeks, and it's fitting lovely.  While there is plenty of room left in it, I don't know how far in to my third trimester these blouses will continue to fit.

While the Waterfall Blouse is a nice and simple pattern, I'm a little bored by it now and wont be making any more.  I have enough in my wardrobe to be doing for now, and I'll be working with other patterns to keep building my maternity wardrobe.  I'm thinking more jersey projects and see what the Washi Dress by Made by Rae can do as maternity wear.  

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