Monday, 13 February 2017

Bursting at the Seams

Pro- I finished my Archer shirt!  Con- I made the smaller size and it already is too tight for bump and prego boobs.  However, I love this shirt- I can't wait to fit in to it again.

My mum bought me this cotton from the NEC show last year.  It's gorgeous, perfect for shirting.  I sewed up the size 8, which is my usual size.  I meant to size up to a 10, but completely forgot!  I have to blame pregnancy brain- which has also been responsible for many embarrassing moments while shopping when I keep forgetting my pin numbers.

I have plenty of this fabric left, so I could make another top for myself, but I think I'll wait and make baby something cute.  I'm thinking an adorable dress would be perfect in this fabric- so I'll keep it for next spring.

Because of the sizing issue, I'm going to save the navy floral fabric for something else, maybe a sun dress once baby has come.

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