Monday, 27 February 2017

FO: Grainline Lindon Sweatshirt

It turns out I've had a very productive sewing time since the year started, along with my mint Moneta dress, blogged about on my work blog, I've finished all my planned projects!   I'm a little surprised  and very pleased with myself.

I've been intending to make this Lindon Sweatshirt since last winter- I bought the fabric from Leicester market, it's a poly-cotton brush back sweatshirt fabric, and cost me about £7/m.  I bought enough for the full length sweatshirt but, for no particular reason I can think of I kept putting off buying the pattern.  Dave bought me a selection of patterns earlier in the year, including the Lindon and so I finally set about cutting it out and sewing it together.

I cut the long sleeves and the cropped version, thinking of leaving space for bump growth.  I ended up cropping the front by another 2" because I forgot to turn down my iron and slightly melted  the hem.  All extra space for bump!

This is a fab and cosy jumper, so I'm really pleased with this make.  I think my wardrobe needs another one or two.

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