Saturday, 2 June 2018

FO: Sky Blue Lady Skater Dress

I've decided to come back to my personal blog, so Hi! If you're still following, thank you! I hope you're doing well :D  I'm hoping to blog semi regularly and return to documenting my sewing projects here.  I'll also be sharing any projects related to work over on our blog at - just in case you're interested!

So, I've been managing to fit it quite a bit of sewing recently.  I've moved all my sewing stuff up to the attic earlier this year, so I take myself up there in the evenings while David is lesson planning or at the gym.  It's a great space, plenty of space for me to spread out and make a mess.

I've been working on lots of simple, quick projects (plus a pair of jeans) so I've a little bit of a back-log, but I'll see if I get round to posting them all on here.

Today, however, I do have something to share!  I've been living in comfortable clothes this last year, so most of my handmade clothes haven't really made it out of the wardrobe.  I've been remedying this by sewing my way through my jersey stash and picking out my favourite jersey patterns.  This fabric is from The Sewing Cafe, I picked it up last September at the Handmade Fair.  It's a mid-weight cotton jersey, with printed birds all over it. 

I've dug out the Lady Skater Dress pattern, an old favourite and ideal for this slightly heavier weight jersey.  I've popped in inseam pockets for obvious reasons and left the length nice and long for maximum coverage when I'm running around after the baby.  

All in all, an excellent addition to my wardrobe and already much worn.   It's reminded me how lovely and quick a pattern this is to sew, I'm going to be on the look out for more fabrics to sew this in for sure!

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