Wednesday, 4 July 2018

Packing for a 'Handmade Holiday' to Italy

I'm jetting of to Venice next week for a weekend holiday with my mum and sister and I could not be any more excited!  I've never been to Italy, but it's been on my list for as long as I can remember.  I can't wait for a weekend of wine and canals and gelato and hanging out with two of my favourite people.

As it's such a short trip, of course we're only taking hand luggage, which gives me the perfect excuse to enjoy my other hobby- packing!  I love to pack light and always head to before trips to check out wardrobe recommendations and find tips on packing as lightly as possible.  I enjoy the challenge of choosing the right things to have with me and to get by with as few items as possible.

For this trip I added an extra challenge- I'm planning on taking ONLY items from my handmade wardrobe :D

So, I'm only going for three nights, so I only need outfits for walking around the city and going out for dinner and something to wear on the plane.  This shouldn't be too hard.  I’m most comfortable in dresses for day to day stuff, so I’m packing three dresses, all of which are new makes.  i’ve Included one jersey dress, and two cotton dresses, which should help keep me cool.

The white and blue dress is a Sew Over It Penny dress, with a modified skirt.  This dummy didn’t buy enough fabric to make a full circle skirt, so I’ve cut a mini half circle instead and ruffle trim to the bottom for a couple of inches extra length.  The Penny dress is very comfortable, with an elastic aged waist- perfect for binge eating Italian food! I like how the grown on sleeves will cover my shoulders too, giving me good protection from the sun.

My next dress is a Nina Lee Kew dress, sewn for the window display and i’m getting some cheeky extra wear out if it first.  It’s sewn in a Lady McElroy cotton lawn, which is light and breezy.  My shoulders aren’t covered in this dress so I will need a shawl or something to wear with it.

I’m also taking a jersey dress with pineapples all over it! This dress is from a New Look pattern, and it’s the second time of making it.  It not my usual style, but I really enjoy wearing it when I do and it’s also super light and comfortable in hot weather.

I’ll be taking two pairs of shorts, a free pattern from this months Love Sewing magazine, an Ogden Cami and a Simple Tee, which is free from Crafty Sew & So and a Everyday Amazing Shift Top, plus a light Lindon Sweatshirt for the plane and a kimono for coverage in case we want to visit any churches.  I've also thrown in my Fifi pj set, assuming it's going to be hot at night too.

Last;y, I’ll take my new mini backpack,which I’ve also sewn myself! I’m a little obsessed with sewing the perfect backpack at the mo, and have two more cut out at home.  This one is finished and made in the perfect travel friendly fabric- Map print!

Keep an eye on my Instagram stories for updates on how I’m getting on and what adventures I get up to in Venice!

Freya x

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